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Create a step-by-step plan to

homeschool with clarity & confidence.


  • STEP 1: MINIMALIST HOMESCHOOLING MASTER CLASS.  When you register for your Private Coaching Call, you will automatically receive access for 3 months to the Minimalist Homeschooling Master Class (with audiobook) so that you can get the most out of your call. 


    If you haven't worked through the Minimalist Homeschooling book or course yet, schedule your call at least a couple weeks in advance so that you have time to work on the course before your call.



    Let's chat.  Let's make a plan.  Let's answer all the questions.  


    This 45-minute video chat will give you individualized help to create the homeschool you need and love! 



    I will email you a video replay of our chat.


    Don't stress about taking copious notes, and review our chat as often as you need! 



    Your coaching call comes with FREE follow-up coaching via email for one week! 


    Reach out.  I'm here to help.


Ready for simple?

Let's go!

Here are the challenges we can solve together.

From space to scheduling, we can create the homeschool you want most for your children.

You choose the focus of your coaching.

  • Confidence & Clarity

    Am I doing enough?  Am I doing it right?  How do I know what to do? 


    Let's get really clear on what is best for each of your children and how to get them there in the most valuable way, shall we?

  • Space & Storage

    There are different reasons to declutter.  Different kids make different messes.  Different families have different spaces.


    We'll start with self-assessment so that the process is easy for you.  Let's  simplify your purge, motivate your decluttering, and customize your organization.

  • Sanity & Stress-Relief

    If you're busy all the time, exhausted, burnt-out, or ignoring your own needs, we can change that.


    You do not have to choose between homeschooling and being at your best.  Promise. 

  • Scheduling & Consistency

    Yup.  The two go together.


    I'm excited to help you decide the best way to spend each of the 168 hours you have every week.  Let's make the most of them!

  • Coordinating & Prioritizing

    Multiple kids, multiple responsibilities, multiple activities...


    Let's simplify, and give each thing its own time so that we can be awesome, instead of trying to be it all!

  • Specifics & Logistics

    This is a private, personalized call.  What exactly is your struggle these days? 


    Let's get to the bottom of simplifying your struggles, focusing on what is most important, and finding the value in all of your days!

Zara Fagen, PhD


Zara is a homeschooling, business-owning author, who literally wrote the book on Minimalist Homeschooling.  When she isn't homeschooling, managing real estate, or bookkeeping for the wholesale company she and her husband own, you'll find her helping homeschoolers to make homeschooling sane again.  As a former research scientist, processes and reproducible results are her thing! 


Zara has appeared as a headline, keynote, and workshop speaker via homeschool conventions across the United States.  Her book, "Minimalist Homeschooling," an Amazon best-seller, has helped thousands of homeschoolers simplify and find value.  Zara has been featured in the FPEA magazine, New York Times, and Bloomberg Business.


She keeps things as simple as possible in Indiana with her husband and four children.

Zara Fagen, PhD


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